Static/readonly/writeable buffers


when I red the Ogre manual last year I found that they have different buffers: those for static geometry, which is never touched after being uploaded to the GRAM, then readable buffers that keep a copy in RAM, and finally writeable buffers to achieve effects like dynamic water surfaces or changing 3d models.

many of the tings could be acieved in different ways, but the thing I’m currently implementing could be much easier, if I had one buffer with length 1920 (screen width - every pixel has one vertex) and to this I could write each frame the y-position of the 1920 vertices.

Imagine a sound playback visualization where I want to show the frequencies and their amplitudes in a dynamic diagram.

…so? Just update the mesh buffer if you talk about jME now.

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We have the exact same notion, see VertexBuffer.Usage enum for more explanation

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