StatsAppState won't show stats unless I disable the dark panel behind

Title says it all…
Here are some pictures…
With the dark panel…

Without the dark panel

With the dark panel but with a bigger font for the fps

Does anyone have a hint for this issue?

What else is your app doing to the GUI bucket? Do stats work in the test apps?

My GUI node is only used for the StatsAppState. I using nifty gui as well. Maybe Nifty Gui interfere with the post rendering or whatever. I’ll have to add that i’m using jme3.1 from the maven repo and that everything worked for ages, but two or three weeks ago this issue popped out.



Ok. Then it is something specific about your app setup.

Try to create a simple test case the exhibits the issue.

This is definitely an issue with the test apps when using the Swing canvas: FPS Display is Invisible When Using Swing · Issue #428 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub