Steam will run windows games on linux

In case you missed, the latest steam beta embeds a modified version of wine that promises to run windows games without any additional configuration.
Games that use directx 11 and 12 will run on vulkan and vr games will be supported as well.

Bad news for m$.



I have tested Skyrim and SW BF 2, it works perfect :slight_smile:

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Normal skyrim or special edition? I’ve tested the latter, it runs very well (just like on windows) but npcs are mute.

special edition, hm, I haven’t tested sound in game :smiley:

I think it’s good news.:sunglasses: I’ve tested Skyrim as well, everything is great. Now I can really enjoy the game.

Skyrim worked in wine many years…
I think in this news one minus: now game developers doesn’t will be think about native game on linux. It is doesn’t need if you game work in steam wine…

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Sure, but there is so much effort involved into configuring wine for each game that you might aswell dual boot windows. With proton things should work out of the box.

Even if developers will start relying on wine instead of porting their games on linux, as long as the games work fine, i don’t see any issue with it.

native game works better. In my old lenovo 2009 year Skyrim in wine with 30-40 fps, in windows 60. Skyrim in wine and Skyrim in windows works! But I prefer windows)
PS: my girlfriend adores Skyrim and Enderal . (who doesn’t know about Enderal - LOOK IT! :slight_smile: )

I tested yesterday “no man’s sky”, it works perfect. :slight_smile:


Brawlhalla works perfectly too

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