Stretching just parts of models?

Hey guys,

does anyone know if there is some advanced model stretching possible in jme? I don't know, if there is a technical term for what I mean (I do not model in the first place…), so I will try to paraphrize it:

Guess we have a model of an ordinary man. He is slender but now he gets like ability points on stamina or something and becomes more muscular now. I don't want to change the entire model here, but just stretch some parts of it (i.e. only the shoulders to make him look more grim). How could I do that?

I by myself want to stretch models like this in a strategy game. The more armor one unit has at creation, the more chunky it shall appear.

I suppose that scaling some part of the model won't do what you wish.

If your model is made up of different objects but loaded as one obj file then it's probably imported as a node. To get you started, you could find the mesh you want to adjust within the list of children. Which child is which, i don't know as it seems to be random on the order of the children.