Hi there,

Could it ever be the case that jME would switch to Subversion ? I am often supplying patches (since I am not a core dev on jME) and doing diffs, updates, commits, etc. etc. with CVS is slow, stupid and a terrible time-wasting process. Let me give some examples:

  • The merging of differences works better in subversion, I don't know how, but when making a change and then later updating to find the very same change is now in the rep subversion just figures it out, CVS often makes a conflict instead.
  • Making a diff requires access to the CVS server in CVS, this is NOT the case with subversion. Hence, making a diff is local-file-access-fast.
  • Since I am not a developer on jME, I do not have the permission to add files to CVS… fair enough. But this means these files do not show up when doing a diff !!! This is not a problem in subversion, since adding a file does not… (yup you guessed it) require access to the server, only the commit does and this I am not allowed to do.

    So, to make life easier for everyone, and to make patch-making easier for the "none-core" developers, please consider switching to subversion.

    Thank you so much !

Does even support switching to svn? (without loosing history etc.)

Or does it even support svn?

No idea :slight_smile: But it is possible to port a CVS repository to Subversion using and has Subversion as an option (using the “Software Configuation Management”:

Wahoo for Subversion! :slight_smile:

i love subversion, so i'm all for it if it's possible…

If I can figure out how to switch from CVS to SVN on an existing project, I'll be more than willing to change over.

Now we just need a magic "switch to svn" button on's project control panel.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically it wouldn't be hard for them to add…however, given the lack of features on…there are many other things their time could be spent on. :-p


renanse said:

Now we just need a magic "switch to svn" button on's project control panel.  :P

you mean like that very same button of :D

@irrisor: yeah, but it doesn't do much good if they can't keep their servers up. :-p


Well is it possible to set up a subversion-rep, while still having the CVS rep ? In that case, you could just decide to "loose" history in SVN from some date, and then make the freezing the CVS rep, you just add everything as clean and new files to the SVN-rep. This is not the cool way… but. It might be the best solution.

I don't think that this is an option at all (would not be for me at least).

Oak, you already mentioned cvs2svn…if we can get the SVN repository created in the first place I suspect that we will be able to make that work pretty easily.


Well it seems to me cvs2svn requires access to the CVS-repository (server side). And I didn't know if you had file-access to the actual CVSROOT.

The only down side I can think of with Subversion is that the IDEs have CVS built in making it simpler for new programmers to access then Subversion.

I don't know of any IDEs that don't have easily pluggable support though.  Granted CVS is built-in, but I don't think that's a good reason to stand in the way of change. :wink:


I am not saying it is, just wanted to point it out so all the consequences are kinown before the switch. Someone has to play devils advice, it is the only way to stop GroupThink.

the best IDE's have subversion support built in as well…(hint - IntellijIDEA) :slight_smile:

and…any computer i use i allways install svn integration into windows explorer…

(and tortoise cvs…)

it seems like a moot point unless we either setup a brand new project at or migrate away from altogether.  Or am I missing something?