Suggestion: Add Spix probes to testdata with a helper method

As the title suggests, I believe it would be very helpful - for demoing at least - for the test data to include more than a single lightprobe. In addition, a simple helper method to get the probe would be idea.

public static LightProbe loadDemoProbe(Enum probe, float radius, AssetManager assetManager);

I understand that “technically” it’s not really bringing anything to the table, but in terms of ease of use and getting things up and running really quickly - especially when a lot of users don’t really understand the workflow of probes - I think this might go a long way in to getting the engine to “just work”.

One of the first annoyances I hit when I create a new scene is “ugh, lightprobe”. I get that this isn’t solving the problem for the user entirely, but to be able to just grab one of many pre-created nodes would be a welcome sigh of relief.

Ease of use is a thing. And although they’re only “demo” probes as it were, it does bring a lot to the table in that regard.


Yeah, good idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or could be a “DemoProbeState”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Probes don’t need management… so a state is not really necessary.

A helper method for shuffling it to a target node (like the root node) might be nice… though it kind of hides what’s happening we often fall into the trap of making it easier to use but also obscuring the power.