Surfaces always double-sided?

Are surfaces in jME always double-sided? For example, I import a textured model into jME and go inside the model – I can see the reverse of the outer surfaces from in here.

This leaves me wondering about 2 things:

  1. Is there a particular side of a surface where a surface normal exists? Or do both sides have a surface normal? i.e. does any one side have the "true" surface normal. The only reason I ask is that I'm adding axis rods to everything in my scene graph (in debug mode) so I know what's going on in regards to rotations etc.

  2. Is there any performance hit from this? (presumably not due to backface culling?)

In jME you can control with the CullState if Front, Back, Both or No sides should be culled.

I guess usually BackFace culling should be enabled.

Aha… thank you.

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