SVN update, nothing renders except GUI node

Hey all,

I just updated to the SVN, because I wanted the LWJGL updates. However, now none of my 3D scene renders, only the GUI node does. Is there something I should be doing differently since the last BETA update, or do I need to revert to that update because there is a bug?


  • Jeremy

Looks like it is a problem with the FXAA filter…

EDIT: Nope, looks like it is the Depth of Field filter. When I disable it, but it is still added to the viewport, all hell breaks loose. Guess I will need to add and remove it from the viewport, instead of enabling / disabling it…

EDIT2: I can’t seem to add or remove it… I get an error saying “framebuffer already initialized”… :frowning:

EDIT3: I fixed this by disabling the Depth of Field filter before adding it to the PostProcessor in SimpleInitApp()… it seems to work fine now.

Nightly is totally dangerous atm, wouldn’t use it if I was you.