Switching from "Kinematic" on a "Dynamic"

Good afternoon!
I do switch from “Kinematic” object in the “Dynamic” (“setKinematic (false)”). Everything works fine, but when the subject is not “asleep” and continues to cause the listener “PhysicsCollisionListener”. Tell me how to change the type of the object.


I apologize for my English.
I’m using the kinematic object. I want to make it a dynamic.
Perform “setKinematic (false)”.
But an object that constantly creates a collision with the floor.

Its normal that any object that collides also reports it.

But if the object is initially Dynamic , it stops after a certain time to generate an event (if it does not touch).

When the object doesn’t touch or is deactivated theres no collision reports. When the object is kinematic its never deactivated though because there is no physics movement applied to it anyway.

can deactivate it programmatically? After the conversion to a dynamic

Why don’t you just filter the collision events based on what you need, you’ll get a lot more collisions delivered there anyway.

Many object planned. I think it will be a big CPU load. If no other solution, I will do so.
Thank you very much!

If you have many objects you will have to filter the collision reports anyway. Doing a if(x==y) isn’t much CPU load… What do you think the collision system does?

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Perhaps. Rather, there comes a check of all objects

Well you have to check what you have to check. Its insignificant compared to the physics system which has to loop though every single vertex to check for collisions. If you didn’t see it it would have to be done elsewhere in the library.

And anyway you should first get your application going and then see where you can micro-optimize so you have an actual idea of where the real bottlenecks are. This won’t be it.

Thank you. Perhaps you are right. Optimize yet. I will continue to work.