Switching to LWJGL 3


I have tried to switch JMonkeyEngine to LWJGL 3. I have only changed the Maven dependency to


First I got an error that required to add -XstartOnFirstThread to VM options.

After solving that I get the following result in the screen (cropped). The original scene is shown only in the lower left quarter of the view and the rest of the view is flickering in black/white lines. I suspect this might be caused by running on Retina display on macOS. However I do not know how to solve this.


Thank you for an advice.


This will not help you that much… But this is a known issue unfortunately:


It doesn’t sound too difficult to fix. But I for one lack hardware to test, maybe skills too :slight_smile: I hope someone can tackle that finally.


Thank you. At least I know not to search for this issue in my code.