Tactical View Implementation

I was wondering if a system either existed or could be added to Jmonkey that would allow for the rendering process to slowly transition from the kind of view in this window


to the kind of view seen in this window.


I know that Spore and Supreme commander feature this tactical view, and their are probably others.

Sure that can be implemented, remember its all smoke and mirrors so you’d have to basically prepare the other scene (the “overview”) while zooming out of the current, then make sure the camera is correctly aligned when blending over e.g. to a rendered image of the current scene.

Actually I would go the different approach,

have a own Scene for the Tactical view (in a own viewport, preferably a textured one, so you can render at a slower framerate for the tactical map)

Then attach a quad with a overview texture for the map,

and a textured half transparent quad for every unit/building

oO whats different about that approach?

Mostly I would not use a renderd image of the current scene, but a prepared map (Also it mentions Texturerenderer, isn’t that something ^^ )