Talk about trailing and particles

This is a simple attempt, I put the particle monkey with a simple combination of tail.

I personally think can make a lot of beautiful special effects with shaders, plus particle effect should theoretically have a good picture effect。

If you are interested, you can share your thoughts here


This guy has made some cool tutorials showing the techniques he used to create various VFX. They are made with Unity but I think the idea can still be applied in other engines too (with shaders).


There have been quite a couple debates about VFX in JME in the past and my personal opinion (as a Unity VFX artist) is that VFX is too tweaking heavy to be done purely in code and there doesn’t really seem to be a decent UI particle editor that would be compatible with JME, thus it’s really hard to get anything that looks at least semi-decent made in JME.

Shader development is a bit more doable in JME, but in most cases you’re going to need both particles and shaders to get an effect done.

It’s amazing any video games were ever made before Unity.