Target circles, auras, etc. under units


I’m wondering what the best way to do target circles and auras under units is.

Like in this wc3 screen shot:

See the green circles and the blue glow under units? That’s what I want.

Probably the best way would be to use a texture


And use it on what? A special-purpose quad under the unit?


Ok, thanks!

Hm, but what if the ground is not flat, like in this screen shot:

Haha momoko_fan, nice one :D.

You could use projected textures but I don’t know if this is already in JME and it’s probably overkill anyway. Just stick with a quad. I believe that these auras also disappear partially in WC3 if the unit goes down or up a hill so I presume they do it like this aswell. You can even see it in your second image.

Yes there were a couple of links recently regarding projected textures. I didn’t suggest that option simply because its very advanced to implement. Its the kind of thing that would take me a few days to do

colored point light with small radius and steep falloff?

What you could try is the following: Draw the terrain first and then draw the auras without depth test but depth write. This way they will be drawn always over the terrain. And then you just draw the characters.