Terrain Editor

What sort of things can we expect from the up and coming terrain editor in JME3?

Will it be anything like these ogre3d terrain editors?



Btw is anybody using mapspinner from jme2? i cant get it working, i guess it hasnt been worked on for 2 years though.

We do have a terrain system coming in that will allow you to paint on the terrain, raise and lower it, and it will all be based on JME3 and heavily use shaders. So it should be quite fast and look really nice. I will be posting the terrain road map and feature set some time today and I will send you a link to it when it is up.

If you have any feature requests for a terrain system let us know! All input is appreciated, especially now in the planning/prototype phase.

:smiley: Nice!

Really looking forward to this. Some of the features i was thinking of are.

Multiple brush types including averaging, smoothing and flattening.

At least 4 paint layers.

Paint opacity setting (if thats even possible)


Highlighting brush area.


Massive terrain with stitching like map spinner

Anisotropic filtering (is this a global setting yet?)

Renders as fast as possible  :slight_smile:


what for?  we have realtime shader based shadowing.

oh nvm then :slight_smile:

Lightmapping can help with hiding the "popping" of the terrain when the LOD changes. I will have to see how it looks before it is integrated with the terrain. It would definitely be an optional feature.


-There will be 8-16 texture layers with opacity and a paint tool. It will be built with an editor in mind and some paint tools to go with it. Maybe it can start a full-on map editor for jme3, who knows.

-It will be using Geo Mipmapping for LOD, and will put most of the load on the video card instead of the CPU.

-Definitely brushes, they will be more part of the editor though. I already have a bunch for my home-grown editor I made based on jme2 that I plan to port over.

-Massive terrain is on the docket. But in a later phase

-There will also be erosion! I've already prototyped some and it seems feasible and looks great.

8-16 layers. sweeeeet. Will this be 1 big terrain block or multiple stitched together? Are there any benefits of having the terrain as blocks? Erosion will be bad ass for cliffs.

It will be multiple terrain blocks stitched together. This is so it can cull the blocks that aren't in the view frustum.

So how is the terrain framework coming along? :slight_smile:

Any release date yet?

I can't wait to try it out! :smiley:

There will be a first release of it this summer. Hopefully before August. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I can't wait! Is there are roadmap that shows what has been done and what is left to do anywhere?

EDIT: Sorry! I just found it. Should have looked first  :expressionless:

Here is a link to the document: http://docs.google.com/View?id=df9w3xb6_50cw7h3mgg

Currently under development is the geomipmapping and the data structure (quad tree).