Terrain PBR Material

Is there already a Terrain material available that uses PBR, so ColorMap/Roughnes… instead of diffuse ones? I think its not that hard to do, but I wanted to ask first before doing it myself;)

nope I didn’t do it… each time I see this terrain shader a puppy dies…
I hate the way textures are handled (Not that there was much choice when it was made…).
I think we should create a new one with texture arrays…


Ok, then maybe I will create a version using texture arrays and PBR :wink:

But I am sure it will take some time - because its currently not very high on my priority list…

…and this is the root of why it hasn’t been done yet. :slight_smile:


Thought that much :slight_smile:

Did not start with this yet, but did a little bit of research. Should I base it on Common/MatDefs/Terrain/TerrainLighting.j3md, then change it to use texture arrays and PBR lightning or is there a better approach using shader nodes? I read the stuff about shader nodes only on a high level, but i think its similar to blender cycles shader nodes, so I assume there might be more benefit of a solution based on shader nodes?!

Please just point me to the right direction so i can do the solution that is most benefitting :wink:

As far as I know there is no PBR shader node at the moment. It would be great if someone creates one. Btw. the default lighting shader is also not available as shader nodes. So you could give it a try and create terrain pbr lighting shader nodes :smiley: