Can anyone tell me of the benifits of modeling a terrain in blender vs that of monkeyworld3D. I want to create custom simple maps, i've previously looked into bsp but since i couldn't get the old loader working by renanse on my jme2 and radiant seems harder than it needs to be to use i was looking into other ways. If i create it in blender it can only be loaded as a map vs the terrainpages in monkeyworld3D wouldn't terrain pages be better for performance and thierfor make mw3d a better choice i'm somewhat unsure on the topic can anyone shed thier insight.

The maps i want to make will probably be closest to indoor models though the scenory won't thier are a lot of narrow paths and have a couple large open areas. Based off of my artist's concpets.

Bonechilla said:

If i create it in blender it can only be loaded as a map vs the terrainpages in monkeyworld3D

This is not the case. You can load anything as a "terrain page". You should consider the complexity of your terrain models when deciding on a tool to use. Can you get away with using simple heightmaps, or do you need more control over your model?

Using MW3D will for sure eliminate a few of the steps along the way, but will it provide that functionality and flexibility to meet your requirements? If so, then use it. Save yourself some work.

One thing to keep in mind is don't bite off more than you can chew. Take it easy, have fun along the way.

yes definitely nymon,  srry i meant block not map but thx, I can load a model from blender and use terrain pages instead of block? This can help out alot. I'm actually planning on making simple stages which i can create and destroy instead of creating and loading map by map. I'm planning on making simple more linear stages that uses a lot of gifs and textures to bring it to life in a way and therfore thought blender would be a quicker way to do it. Last time i used mw3D i actually ran into a couple issues though i didn't have the general idea of what i actually wanted to be done in mind…maybe i should retry mw3D though i only want to load the terrains…

Also i've been looking into bsp loaders for a while and came across renanse's bsp one he made way back a few months ago, however i've been unable to make it perform properly on my jme2.0 implimentation, their is a thread out now for it that may actually help out alot. My only grip with BSP is that its i can't get a handle on radiant. I do know however that blender can export .map files and according to wiki:

.BSP files work by defining the edges of the map objects, as opposed to defining the hollow areas. .BSP files can be produced by compiling .MAP files using tools such as q3map2. .MAP files can be generated using exporters for such modelling tools as 3D Studio Max or using game-specific tools, like GtkRadiant.

only thing now though is that i need to know if the .bsp i can compile and the one the loader can load is the same version because i do know that their are different versions of the .bsp format i guess it would matter on the compiler i use to compile the .map files however i'm having difficulty finding ones that can actually be downloaded and not just a false or inactive link... this seems to be the only viable one MAP3BSPC

I had drawn a differnt conclusion from bsp does it really use a lot of "cpu" to run here

newb question since i haven't worked too much on terrains do i still use terrain page with .bsp or ...