Text() appearing as White Boxes

In my application I want to use the Text() class to display some HUD information like FPS and tool-tips.

However, the text is showing up as a solid white square.

To troubleshoot, I made a sandbox using the TestBox example code and was able to get the Text to show up without trouble.

I am wondering what possible hiccups my application could be causing with textures to make the Text not display properly. Something like a misconfigured default texture? Could it make a difference that I am displaying in a JMECanvas ?

either you miss a rootNode.updateRenderState() after attaching the text to the scene, or maybe you need to enable / disable lighting on your text.

Neither updating the render state nor lighting fixed this problem.

However, I was able to get the desired functionality by updating my JME2 code and using the the Text2D class.