Texture compression for Raspberry

I’ve attempted to run my game on a Raspberry Pi 4 but got

RendererException: Image format 'DXT5' is unsupported by the video hardware

So which format is supported by Raspberry? I didn’t find any information about this topic…

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Which format are you using ?

I’ve compressed my PNGs into DXT5

Maybe try WebP

All i know is :

  • RPI RaspiOS configures OpenGLES 3.1 as OpenGL2 which is not good.
  • PNG texture compression format is 24-bits for RGB only, 32-bits for RGBA.
  • DXT-5 compression format use 128-bits for each 4x4 block, a pair of 64-bit of chuncks.
  • Raspi4B GPU (BCM2711-VideoCore VI) can handle upto 32-bits only of color bits per graphic image.

Read this article about RPI4B processor SoC GPU BCM2711 :

Article about DXT-5 Compression format :


Article on raspi forums about textures compression :