Texture from imported .obj gets tiled


i've imported an .obj-file. The .mtl file contains informations of one texture, which should cover the whole landscape. The object was created in Blender and then exported as .obj.

Now, when i import is in jME, like in the Maggie example, the texture get applied to every quad, instead to the whole landscape.

How can I tell jME to apply it only once over the whole object?

Greetz Av

Export correct texture coordinates? :slight_smile: Those have obviously got messed up.

I got a problem with texture cooridates when working with heveeā€™s xml export script (from blender). Apparently, (as hevee said) Blender doesnt give scripts acess to texture coordinates unless there is a texture mapped to it. Heres a link to the thread when i had a problem with texturing things in blender: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=3912.0

Hope that helps!

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So, the texture is actually applied in Blender. And it gets also applied in jme then. But in Blender the texture is strechted over the whole mesh. After importing the model into jME the texture gets applied to every single quad of the mesh.

So maybe the exporter doesnt gets the texture coordinates right. Anybody has an idea how to fix this. Maybe there is a better .obj exporter than the one which is shipped with blender. Or maybe there's a setting in blender which we have missed.

What I meant is that you have to UV map the texture on the mesh, not just have it applied. Look at the thread. Sorry if it doesn't help.

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Ah, ok, i didn't get this point. Ok, we will try that.

Thank you. In this community nobody is left alone. :slight_smile: Great.

Ok, wrong UV settings caused the problem. You gave us the correct key word.  :slight_smile: