Texture not loading from mtl file

Hi guys, i have a mtl file placed in the same directory as the obj, but for some reason the texture is not loading. I have cross checked the path for the .png images as well.

My mtl file can be found here http://pastebin.com/Q14PKQeb

And the obj file http://pastebin.com/dWNc9WxD

please let me know, if anyone would like me to update the model folder.

help appreciated


it’s very recommended to use j3m files and apply them via code or via SceneComposer to j3o file.

why? because it is a way JME use materials, and you have power to add normalMap/parallaxMap/specularMap and many more(if you use specyfic material). you can even make your own shaders then.

and it will solve your problem too :roll:





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Hi oxplay2,

I have a j3m martial file which contains the ColorMap texture i need, I also have the model opened in SceneComposer and have selected the node that i want to apply the texture to. Now how can i actually apply it via SceneComposer?


you need to select Geometry not Node Geometry icon is a colored cube and it should be inside your Node.

then you should have Properties Window. there is Geomery β†’ Material. Select your j3m file there :wink:

ahh and BTW:

use Lighting material definition to make it better :roll: and there is diffuseMap as a colorMap. but if you wish you can use Unshaded too.