Texture on the cylinder lids

im trying to put a texture over a cylinder, however when i put it, the texture only appears on the sides of the cylinder and doesnt appeear over the lids. I only want the texture on the lid, i was searching how to do this, but i couldnt find it.

Sorry if somebody posted something related to this before.


take a 3d modelling tool and model a cylinder and apply the textures the way you want it. export it as vrml, obj, 3ds, … import it into jme, debug the application and examine the texture states of the model. sorry, i dont know any other way  :wink:

so long,


thanks dhdd. but  doesnt anyone have other solution? only using code and no modelling tools.


You can use a cylinder that does not have endcaps and insert two disc primitives on the ends and texture those.

good idea i 'll do my own cylinder class in that way.