Texture problem with DAE file

Hi guys,

I'm facing with the terrible problem of texture. I exported 1 model with texture from 3D Max to DAE file. After that, I read DAE file by ColladaImporter. But the texture cannot be displayed. As I know, in side the DAE file, the DAE file has 1 parameter that point to the path of texture files. Then, when we load the DAE file, it will load the textures also. But what I want to know, how can I set the parameter inside the DAE file to point to texture folder or I'm wrong and we have another solution? Please help me. I'm stuck in this problem

you should try two things. First put the Texture in same Folder like the Model, and be sure that the references in the .dae is relativ to it.

and as second you should try to put the model direct in your projektFolder over the packageExplorer in eclipse.

if the textures r missing, the default pink thing will be used. and if this is ur case, u can simply use ResourceLocatorTool to point where u want the importer to load the textures.

Thanks guy,

I got it