Texture scanlining


On my game i have a ground made by 100 BOXes texturized with a grass texture.

And then i load 100 models too.

But the ground texture is getting “scanlined” when get light on it.

Attached is a screenshot.

Somebody knows how this happen?

Unless you have a problem with bounding boxes or Z-fighting, (which I doubt)… this might be a driver problem… try updating it. If that does not help, simply post some code.  :wink:

Hi, Thanks for the reply, but the code is large to put it here.

But i have other screens to analyse.

With Model

With Box

We can see that its related to the model

Somebody knows why? (the model is the bike from the jME tests)

So everything else in the code is the same - except in one case you loaded the model to the scene and in the other a simple box was created? Or were there any other differences in your code?

With something like this, I would say is a missing call to updateRenderState or some of its siblings… make extra sure you update everything after adding all objects to the scene… What the heck, for testing purposes, I would call every possible update* in the main thread  :wink:

Yes, the rest of the code is the same, just change the model for the box.

The updateRenderState must be called always after attachChild ?

i think so yes