Texture sometime disappear

Hello Jmonkey.

I have a problem here…


As you can see from the image, the shelf models is identical to each other. However, the Uv texture of the front one appear but the back doesn’t.

and if my camera face the back one instead, the Uv texture of the back one appear, the front one doesn’t.

How can I handle this problem ??

Note: The Texture are Unshade. The reason that I don’t use lighting shade becuase i the lightning shade reduce the

frame rate too much on android

Thank you in advance

looks like you haven’t set up your UV coordinates correctly. They definitely look stretched in parts.

Yes , that’s true. But it should be the same for both shelf right ? Does it involve with thesame machanism of LOD that use with terrain ?

Terrain uses its own LOD routine. You have to specifically attach an LodControl to your mesh for it to use LOD.

First sort out your UV map so it looks proper on one of the shelves and then check it with a second one.

You mean I should set up my UV corrdinates properly first and then use LodControl to both of my shelves mesh right ???

Sorry , I’m not good at english so I may miss point. ><"a

I will try as you said

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes. First correct your UV coordinates of the model, and just import one of that model into the scene. Do not set the LodControl on it.

If that looks correct, then add the LodControl and see how it looks again.

Then add in the second model, see how that looks.

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