TextureAtlas.makeAtlasBatch() - atlasSize?

Hi :slight_smile:

Two questions:

  1. Since TextureAtlas.makeAtlasBatch(...) returns a single Geometry rather than Node, am I to understand that is uses GeometryBatch mechanism under the hood in order to merge all the geometries into one?

  2. How do I evaluate the atlasSize parameter to pass to TextureAtlas.makeAtlasBatch(...)? I have a scene with multiple geometries, each of them loaded from .obj + .mtl files that use some .png files as textures (for DiffuseMap only).
    If I calculate total number of pixels in all the .png files and multiply by 4 (bytes per pixel) - would that be good value for atlasSize?
    Do I have to take mip-maps into account, if I generate them on the fly with TextureKey when loading images with asset manager?

I’ll be grateful for any information on the topic :slight_smile:

Regards, Elg’