The best SO to run jME physics

Hi every one  :smiley: :)… i know that its java and it can run everywhere blah blah blah, but i would like to know the best OS to run jME, in Windows or Linux (debian) and the IDE that i use to develop things is Eclipse…


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The best OS is the OS you are most comfortable with.

Well… not quite. By what I have seen on the forum, it is obvious that Mac has problems - be it with the GUI or with the latest JDK releases. Linux is almost OK but some guys have still had problems. Most get it to work though. I have not seen any windows specific problems so I'd go ahead and say that windows is the best one.

Go ahead and argue against this point though :slight_smile:

Mac and Linux have less user, so it will always have less development. They will catch up windows in end.

but i'm talking about performance which OS uses less memory, cpu this things… :slight_smile:

are you making something special, not a game that everyone use ??, is that why you want to make it on quickest OS