The best way to make "semi physic" object


I'm looking for the best way to make an physic object which apply gravity and collision, but no torques and bouciness.

I was trying to make a StaticPhysicNode, add gravity manually and catch collisions with an InputHandler, but it dont trigger any collision with another StaticPhysicNode (my floor in example).

Is it normal behavior? Or my code is a bit bugged (:D)? Do you have another way to make this type of object? For example, i tried witch DynamicPhysicNode and clearTorque function, but the behavior is not what I expect…

For information, I want to make a character which interact with physical environment, but manually moved.

Thanks in advance,


I do not know if this is possible in jmePhysics2. Something similar is included in jbullet-jme however.

The PhysicsCharacterNode in jbullet-jme works like that. It does only fall and collide, not rotate. The current 0.9.4 alpha version however sets the rotation of the PhysicsCharacterNode to zero on each update call, the svn version does not touch the rotation of the Node. So with the alpha you will have to rotate the child node and with the svn version you can rotate the PhysicsCharacterNode directly.

There are kinematic bodys in bullet as well, but they are not affected by gravity, they just collide with other physics bodies. This function I have not implemented in jbullet-jme yet but I will at some time.

Afaik static nodes in jmePhyiscs2 should be just that, static. Everything else might lead to problems as you see :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,


Ok, i've tried jme-jbullet this afternoon, but in fact i have some problem: no physics update (even with PhysicSpace.update())… And in some example given with jme-jbullet i have blackscreen in some case of camera point of view (maybe bounding problem?)…

I don't understand, but im scary to use a lib in alpha phase…

jmephysics works fine in other case, so it is possible to force test collision between simple node and physics node? Any idea to implements a character in physical environnement fine?

Thanks in advance!

ok in jmephysics there are a material nammed GHOST which do the same thing than ghost object in jBullet… That's all T_T

Now its work fine, thanks you for your explanation :wink: