The Game

I did a little write up of my initial game ideas. Check it out at the developer log section.

Give me your thoughts on the very basic, rough idea. Remember I’m going for something quick, fun and simple. Not the next MMORPG or something like that.

personally, i love it. I think it will be one of those game that I will be playin for hours on end. Must…keep…those…monkeys…alive. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it


I think it is a good idea for a game. (How are you gowing to handle the lava?)

Initially, it will simply be a transparent quad that slices horizontally through the terrain. It will have animated "lava" textures.

Hmm… the lava might be an excellent opporunity to show off some of jME’s more sophisticated graphical features. Spurts using a particle system, bumpy texture using vertex/fragment programs*.

Oh, yeah, and the game sounds very interesting. I think the key challenge will be working out a usable control scheme. I wish you the best of luck. :slight_smile:

*(Damn my new laptop, come already!)

Ok, got the initial design document up (still in dev logs). Let me know what you think, again, I am keeping the game as SIMPLE as possible. Only two ways to interact with the world, other than controlling view.

Let me know what you think is good, what is bad, or what isn’t mentioned that should be.

I never believed in evolution, and here is the proof! XD

You mean you never believed in the God of Evolution. :stuck_out_tongue: It was my attempt at humor. I got both sides wrapped in one. But that’s why I’m not a stand up comic…

When looking at the code for Terane I did not see how you can change hight dering the game. How can you?

I like the plot. It’s the type of game, like tetris and the likes, which sounds simple and addictive. I am not sure of the pure random walking of the monkeys. You need to prevent that this becomes an annoyance. Some sort of predictable behaviour perhaps, or maybe even they can be influenced in some way by the player?!? This surely will become more clear once the game starts becoming playable.

And I can sense something very interesting: multiplayer!

Why not have your own terrain and that of the opponent - and you can have bad power ups which you can place on your opponents map and good ones for your own map?

What I mean is monkeys will have a velocity vector and a goal velocity vector. The goal velocity vector will be a random value, and can change over time (randomly with filters). So the monkeys wander without a goal, they won’t instantly change direction or anything though.

Read this yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to post.

It sounds fun, Mojo.

Like the ways of Tetris, Dr. Mario, etc… I could see this starting off really simple and fun, but having the potential to grow as much as you want it to. (Like said… a multiplayer option would be a really cool addition later on…)

Can’t wait to see it. :smiley:


lets not burden mojo with too many requests here. I know if it was my game, id be trying to add all those cool features you all wanted and crack and give up on the game.

But thats just me and im hopeless under pressure


Sorry, Mojo (by way of DP :smiley: ). Wasn’t trying to imply any kind of pressure at all.

Hence “it can grow as much as you want it to”. Basically, my point was that it can be as simple or as complex as you can imagine. It’s just one of those types of games where you have tons of possibilities, whether or not they ever get implemented.

I know if it was my game, id be trying to add all those cool features you all wanted and crack and give up on the game.

I know what you mean, DP. I always want to bite off more than I can chew.. it's so hard to keep that discipline when all you want to do is work on all these cool ideas that you have roaming around in your head (however they got there). It gets overwhelming because you don't see the end in sight, and you just give up. I find it helps to break things down to smaller shorter-term goals where you can really see that you're making progress.


Yep, I certainly know that feeling: the small project become behemoth. One technique that I’m fond of is to create tiny tech demos demonstrating whatever technique has currently caught my attention. Then, when I have a suitable idea, pull all the separate elements together and make a game with them. It certainly encourages me to comment well! :stuck_out_tongue: