The Packing

Ok, I’m back in Las Cruces to finish up the selling process and move out to Washington for good. I had a great two weeks out there and everything went great.

I got to work at Northrop Grumman for two weeks. It was very nice, there is a lot of energy there and quite a few more coworkers that are my age. We had a good time and worked hard. I went to work on day one and even helped them out quite a bit by building an Army information server they needed for testing purposes.

The weather was fantastic while I was there, sun shine and warm but not hot. And it’s green, a beautiful site to be sure. I even got a chance to go ATVing with a coworker and about killed myself when I rolled the four wheeler down a hill. But due to my super man like pysique, I escaped injury. I really truely look forward to all the out door activities that are available there.

I hit the cities (Tacoma and Seattle) and enjoyed both very much. Although Tacoma sure does have it’s share of bad neighborhoods, it also has quite a few nice ones. Some great beach side restaurants and cutural activities. Seattle… Seattle… love it. An amazing city, there is so many different types of people there it’s amazing. Very laid back and open.

I found a house as well, made an offer and finished the entire process in less than a week. However, the selling of the house has hit a bit of a snap in the inspection process, there seems to be quite a bit of damage to two of the walls and it looks like there is going to be aroun $3000 in repair to be done. That was a bit of a hit that I was not expecting. Not to mention the buyer has left the country and can’t be gotten ahold of. Someone needs to smack him around some if he thinks it’s ok to make an offer on a house and then leave with no way for his realtor to get in contact with him. However, with luck, he’ll return and we can agree on the inspection and get this house sold. We have a tight schedule, we will close on the house we own now on July 1st, that money with be wired to Washinton to be used for the new house which closes July 2nd. On July 3rd we will arrive with the moving truck. So, if anything happens, we might be in a bit of trouble.

The house is located in Puyallup which is east of Tacoma. It’s a beautiful area, small town feel with two big cities within 45 minutes (Seattle - 45, Tacoma - 15). It’s a brand new home, with one previous owner who was in for only 1 year, and unfortunately for them, the got a divorce and put the house up for sale. There are a few pictures of it at: but I’m not the best photographer in the world…

My best friend (well one of two) left for Iraq last week. He was one of those due to get out of the Army in a few months but had to go to Iraq for a year. He is planning on moving up to Seattle when he gets out and getting his Master’s degree at the University of Washington. He just has to get out of Iraq in one piece. Unfortunately, he is a member of the 10th Mountain Division, and they are trained to enter buildings, which is about the most dangerous thing you can do. The main goal is to drive out the “insurgents” those entering Iraq using car bombs, etc. Wish him luck, so he can come home and drink with me in Washington.

I’m here until July 1st, which is when we hit the road for a 3 day drive. I’m going to be spending the next week and a half doing nothing but getting ready for the move. Packing, and taking care of the million things that must be taken care of. It’s a tad stressful to say the least.

I’ve been watching what’s been going on with jME and quite please. Renanse, your queueing system has really taken jME to the next level of professional quality engine. No longer will alpha sorting (a huge bane) be an issue. Arman, the sound API is really coming into it’s own. Cep21, the XML loader is everything I hoped it would become. The MD2 exporter is exactly how I was hoping it would be. The size issue is something that will be dealt with over time, the important thing is that the loader works well, and it certainly does.

Not much longer now and my life will settle down and I should be able to help out some now and then.

Keep up the good work!