There is a "correct" way to use JME3 on Android Studio?

few weeks ago I was looking for a game engine to dev some on Android, I work fine with Java+Android Studio, and this engine seem to be the choice to me.

I actually have created some things (using jcenter), you know how clean and easy is Android Studio with gradle and external things, but… That is not in the docs.

Maybe there is not.

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I don’t think there is an absolute “correct” way. It mostly depends on your needs.

I mostly just use the jar files on my projects since I am not in need to build from source. But there is one project in plans where I may need to have the source code so I can modify it to my own game project needs and i would use gradle.

you can also use grade in your project with jme like in this example. I hope it helps:

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There is also this template:

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