Too Large file

Hi monkeys,

I have created my own little Snake game, and would now like to distribute it, the problem is that the size of the .zip file is 64 MB, which is to much for what
It should be…

I have 4 sounds
No graphics
and 3 source files:

  • main 1000 lines
  • Player 100 lines
  • Apple 50 lines

maybe you included the jme-test-data.jar file? go to your lib folder, and see

I would normally expect a game like that to be ~1-2MB


You have the whole engine. Not that much considered all the power you got !
If you took a bigger game, the overhead would almost be the same…

Edit: @Wezrule is almost right. the standard libs from JME amount only to around 7MB . But I’ve seen a post somewhere on how to shrunk it… Here it is, in the tutorial :

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Thx, for your answers…

I think you are right, that I have forgotten to turn off, the non-used features from the engine, and the test data :slight_smile: