Torque and force?

Anyone can give a good explanation on the difference between the two ?

Torque is the rotational speed. This means a body can keep a constant rotation without external forces. To change torque, forces are needed (for example friction to slow things down)

See wikipedia for further info

force is linear, torque is radial force - both are not speed! So wooyay is partly wrong. But the suggestion to read up on wikipedia is very good :slight_smile:

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Dont know what radial is…dont worry wont ask you again :slight_smile:

hmm, ok that could get complicated… what's your native language? Maybe you can find a dictionary to translate the word(s) and have a look at e.g. wikipedia in your native language?

A bit simplified:

Torque makes the object spin. If you apply a force directly onto the center of mass of the object, the object will move. But if you apply a force a bit away from the center of mass (like a wrench on a bolt), that force will make the object spin (and move). So the force is still a force, but it produces torque on the object.

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Should have looked there first, thanks anyway every1.