Translucent 3D Text in different colors


I need to make 3D text that stays on screen for a while, and then dissapears by increasing translucency. I've figured that only 3D text is produced through Font3D factory, so I'm using that and Font3DGradient to set color of the text.

Question no1:

Is it possible to have one factory produce texts of different color? Because currently I have three factories for three most commonly used text colors, and if some arbitrary color is chosen, I construct whole new factory.

Question no2:

I've called enableBlendState and enableDiffuseMaterial on Font3D, and then modified alpha component of MaterialState diffuse color, but text doesn't dissapear. How can I make text translucent?

Thank you in advance.

Use BlendState.

Serach samples on jME source tests.

There is also a fade in fade out test with the examples you may want to look at