After months of warnings, Travis CI GmbH has finally set a date for the shutdown of, its free continuous-integration platform. According to the current website banner, the shutdown will happen by the end of this month (May 2021).

My Minie and Libbulletjme projects still rely on, so I’ve begun transitioning them to, the GmbH’s other platform. Thanks to my open-source efforts, I’ve already been granted a large number of free credits there.

I’m not sure how much the JMonkeyEngine project will be affected by this shutdown. During 2014–2019, the Engine relied on for several native builds, but Riccardo switched them all to GitHub Actions. Our SDK repo still has a “.travis.yml” build script, but I don’t know how vital it is, nor whether its function(s) can easily be migrated to other continuous-integration platforms.

Relevant links:


Have you considered moving your projects to Github actions or Gitlab?

We were using travis in my previous job and after reading this:
we decided to jump ship (we moved to a self-hosted Jenkins).
Even if they still provide the paid service and you have credits this looks like a red light to me and you may end up having to migrate in a year when they close down the service for good.


Most of my projects already use GitHub Actions, so I’ve certainly considered migrating Minie and Libbulletjme there.

However, Travis-CI provides Arm64-based environments, which I consider essential for supporting such platforms. Last I checked, GHA didn’t. That’s why I’ve stuck with Travis so long.