Trouble calling updateRenderState() on Collada imported model on some computers

Hi everyone and thanks for an awesome forum. Im having some weird issues, probable cause: incompetence.

Im having issues calling the updateRenderState() on the man.dae imported collada model (the collada tests arent working either). Im beginning to think this is hardware related since the code works at home and on my mates computer.

I have extended a BasicGameState for an abstract basegame implementation very similair to the DebugGameState. My various states then extends this basegame.

In one of these states I attach a model to the root node and calls its updateRenderState(); This causes everything to freeze without any exceptions thrown. If I remove the call everything works fine and the model loads without textures.  (however when i switch on the light the root nodes updateRenderState() is called which causes everything to hang again  :?

Here's some code that might shed some light on the matter.

        Node model = ResourceHelper.getColladaModell("man.dae");


        //do not forget to update the render state.


Loading, attaching and updating primitives works fine!

Just the collada model that's giving me a hard time.

Here's some more code from the ResourceHelper:

public static Node getColladaModell(String name){


return loadedColladaModels.get(name);


Node model = ColladaModelHelper.getModel(getModelURL(name));


return model;



It also has methods such as addModelDirectory that "imports" the models into the modelfinder:

public static void addModelDirectory(String directory){

try {

        ResourceLocatorTool.addResourceLocator(ResourceLocatorTool.TYPE_MODEL,new SimpleResourceLocator(ResourceHelper.class.getResource(directory)));

    } catch (URISyntaxException e1) {

        logger.warning("Unable to add model directory to RLT: "

                + e1.toString());



And the ColladaHelper:

public static Node getModel(URL modelURL){

try { stream = modelURL.openStream();

ColladaImporter.load(stream, "name");

Node model = ColladaImporter.getModel();

model.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());


return model;

} catch (IOException e) {


return null;



Any help appreciated

I solved this by updating from the Crappy DELL ati graphics drivers to latest ATI catalyst. Unfortunatly i can't seem to see the name of the previous drivers but if your having these kind of problems dont hesitate to try and update your display drivers.