Tutorial on Shaders

Hey Guys,

I was just wondering where you guys got started in learning GLSL for the jME. I started reading the OpenGL SuperBible, is that a good place to start? And how would I practice their tutorials with jME?

At one point I found “opengl-quick-reference-card” PDF file and that helped me a lot. You should be able to find that on google pretty easily.

There’s also “GLSLangSpec.4.20.8.clean” PDF that is helpful.

Honestly though, the best learning I got was to find a GLSL source file and tweak it.

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speak of the devil, im learning shaders as we speak (started around 2 hours ago). Looking through this atm:

The orange book is how I learned… then it took all of an hour to figure out the JME-specifics.

But in the “…” above is lots and lots of trial and error learning. JME3 makes this a lot easier than other environments I’ve used, though.

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ironically some website about how to use glsl with delphi :stuck_out_tongue:

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I learned GLSL from the orange book and then play a lot with , RenderMonkey from ATI , it’s a very good tool but I don’t know why some people prefer FX from NVIDIA.

You can look and modify the sample code from RenderMonkey and get the basic idea of openGL , GPU Stream , Buffer and stuff… The conversion to JME3 from RenderMonkey is not that difficult as my personal experience. Have a good day!

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