Uml/netbeans auto comment feature in eclipse

I heard that netbeans has a feature called "auto comment" that puts in the skeleton for javadoc comments in ones source so one can just go in and add a few comments…like say adding author, param, etc where necessary

I was looking for this kind of feature in eclipse and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

I looked at that generate comments feature when you create a new class but thats not exactly what i`m looking for…i want it to be auto generated as a code, not just at creation.

I think it could save me some time.

Use "Add Comment…" under the source menu. It will add javadoc on the currently selected method, class, variable, etc. The format is based on the generated comments section, so you'll need to modify that template to have it do most of the work for you.

Yeah, I don't think it can be set up so that it automatically works as you type, but as mojo said you can use "Add Comment" (ALT+SHIFT+J) to add javadoc to what you currently have selected.

thanks both of you, tis a shame about the realtime thing, but maybe ill find a plugin some day.<br /> <br /> anyway heres another question, which might warrant another thread, but ill give it a go anyway.

Are there any good uml editors for eclipse you guys know off?..i found some but there all trials/crippled and what not.

I was hoping to find one that included some basic code generation and a decent WYSIWYG visual editor.

…for one thing, it might be cool to be able to see the jme in uml. could be a cool pic to post somewhere for people browsing the api, i've seen a lot of open source projects taking snapshots of there project in uml… does auto commenting of packages via a template setup as well.

UML best one for price (very reasonable) is EA