Unnamed procedural low-poly roguelite

Thank you for the very interesting read, particularly this.


I shall add it to my ever growing bookmarks…

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Glad you found it useful :slight_smile:

Added some Relics. They essentially behave like items in The binding of Isaac.

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Added more Relics and food.

I still don’t know who in the world would want a toast sandwich, but hey…

We’ve also actually set up a subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/chevrygames/


The HUD si slowly taking shape:

Also, don’t mind the SOLID GOLD INGOT laying on the floor… :upside_down_face:


Here’s a bit of music for your enjoyment.

Be careful, though, not every buddy is ready for that :upside_down_face:

ORIENT [OC] [Reddit Premier] (Possible in-game music) from r/chevrygames

Well well well, there’s another bit:

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And another (I’ve got a bunch of these but I prefer to slowly release these rather than having music diarrhea :upside_down_face: )

Quick GUI update:

Still WIP of course.


What are you using to compose this music by the by?

Really digging what you’re putting together here (not just music wise).

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Yeah, I have a KXStudio installation on my workstation (a Linux distro based on Ubuntu)
The DAW itself is called Ardour, but there’s tons of audio plugins coming prepackaged form the distro.

I also use Audacity to give a little reverb if needed.

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Thank yee!

New music. this one is HOT.


Our first hater :grimacing:


New GUI update!

This, all in lemur.


This reminds me of something similar that happened with me about a year ago, after I made a facebook page for my game, except the person was someone I knew in real life :laughing:, he was also supposed to be my graphic designer and lead coder, until I realized he didn’t necessarily have the same positive intentions as me. Turns out he was developing his own game in Unity because he was struggling to learn Jmonkey and rarely ever helped me, and eventually I also found out that he paid for a promoted post to tell people who like my page that they should unlike it.

So after that I stopped working with him and took away his Admin privileges on our tiny Facebook page with less than 100 likes, and the next week resulted in about 5,000 fake likes and 1 star reviews on my facebook page that he purchased from a website that sells likes and reviews on social media :laughing: The harassment went on for weeks until I finally contacted his close relatives, told them he was going crazy, and said that they should contact him to see if they can get the harassment stop before I’d have to take legal action.

It’s funny that I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was really taken back that a friend (or anyone for that matter) would spend a whole month, wasting both time and money to troll me and belittle my game that barely anyone even knew existed.

Just thought I’d share my story since your article reminded me about it. I’ve had a few other people comment negatively on my game, but none as bad as the person I knew IRL.

It seems that anytime it comes to a task or challenge that’s even half as difficult as making your own game, you’ll always tend to draw in those bitter people who want to see you fail or give up so that they can feel better about their own shortcomings. I like to use that as my motivation to work harder, that way the haters can have even more reason to be pissed off :smiley: :joy:


Woah, now I understand why he was a dickhead even though it’s not acceptable to be that way. I mean he must be very frustrated with himself so much that the fastest way to ease his self hate is that he has to resort lying to himself making him think you are worse than him and he’s actually good.

At least you didn’t have to pay for the likes ahah Free publicity!

That’s really sad actually. I’m happy that you can laugh about it now :slight_smile:

That’s what I wanted, really. On facebook, I linked my recent article and I responded to my brother’s comment that I wanted some fellow video game developers to share their stories about haters.


Anyway, thank you for sharing this insightful story about your hater!

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Very true, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, I just turned the reviews off so there’s no bad evidence left over :stuck_out_tongue: its also funny to see how many un-likes due to “de-actived accounts” there are every time I check my page, so I suppose Facebook is at least doing a good job spotting out illegitimate accounts.

Glad to share. And good luck to both of you going forward with your game, it looks like you’ve been getting a lot done lately :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, the pleasure of post-process filters!

But I might reduce that thing a bit.
We’ll see.


Added two new relics:

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