Unreal Engine 5: How is this even possbile?

How are they doing this, it looks like an April fools joke in May. How can this be possible in real time?


Yes, I also saw that.
Triangles in the size of pixels…

They said demo was running on PS 5, might be something about hardware as well?

Which part of it? The triangles? If you listen carefully, they tell you that there are 1b tris, but only 20M are rendered. So as to how. The obvious answer would be some sort of LOD/Custom datastructure is used. However, they still need to store the huge scene, so the game assets would take lot of disk space if they used that many triangles. But it may be that many of the rocks are ‘instanced’/share vertices anyway, in which case it is simply LOD.

They use a virtual texturing system, so maybe a custom virtual memory system for meshes as well?

It’s a tech demo. And it’s extremely impressive. But it’s not indicative of actual releases gameplay. But still. Wow. Same as this video.

New GPUs ray tracing capabilities also counts to make things look so good.





““Lumen traces rays against a scene representation consisting of signed distance fields, voxels and height fields.”
Sounds a bit like what people do on shadertoy.com plus Bresenham’s line algorithm for rays in a voxelized scene.

I am currently engaged in BIM development. ifc or rvt models rendered at 60 frame rates are billions of triangles. However, the most basic illumination is used and there is no texture sampling.