Unrelated to JME, however... maybe it shouldn't be O.o

This is going to revolutionize how long it can take you to move something to the recycle bin… what was once an enjoyable process that lasted mere seconds, can now be enjoyed for hours before it actually works.

I introduce to you… The Three-dimensional File Management Interface (powered by kinect)


They should really consider finding a name that works with the acronym W.T.F.


The world seems to keep trying to get me to exercise. I will not be fooled.

“Sure, why do a two inch mouse movement plus click when I could stand up and wave my arms around to do the same thing?”

…maybe I can install some pedals under my desk to control how fast my mouse moves.


Does it require 2 hands? Cus if I was browsing my porno collection, then I might get an error

@wezrule said: Does it require 2 hands? Cus if I was browsing my porno collection, then I might get an error

lmfao. You cracked me up, yet pose a true problem. I love me a cuppa, and the occasional celebratory biscuit. It’s a realistic issue.

These kind of things are related to an end user though, not a creator. For example, consider the touch screen. As a programmer it’s the worst thing in the world in terms of production time. I can’t type quick enough for a start. But for my kids and wife, and indeed the rest of the end-user world its fantastic and intuitive. Consider an engineer in a datacenter. Instead of wheeling around a monitor, keyboard and mouse, he/she just wears a ipad-like sceen with a battery that you can just plug into a data port instead. As a MCSE and CSNE I consider that alone to be a marvel - you can run diagnostics and resolve issues so much quicker - and for the times when you have to roll up your sleeves (which isnt very often) you still have the good old kb/mouse. Gone are the days of “where’s the trolley? Oh, Dave’s using it right now.” - and that happens more often than not.

So with that in mind, being able to turn down the tv by swivelling my hand, switch channels with hand gestures, alter the heating, lighting… Those things are definitely the future, with a specific demographic. Unfortunately, it aint us monkeys, it’s our customer-base.