Unsatisfied link-error although system test is allright


i just installed jmephysics (latest cvs) it builds alright, the junit tests PhysicsNodeTest.java and SystemTest.java also

works. Some of the interactive tests run alright but the majority of them including the RagDoll-test gives me the following


Nov 15, 2007 3:03:39 AM class com.jmetest.physics.ragdoll.TestSimpleRagDoll start()

SEVERE: Exception in game loop

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dJointSetBodiesCollide

at org.odejava.ode.OdeJNI.dJointSetBodiesCollide(Native Method)

at org.odejava.ode.Ode.dJointSetBodiesCollide(Ode.java:972)

at org.odejava.Joint.setBodiesCollide(Joint.java:333)

at com.jmex.physics.impl.ode.joints.OdeJoint.setCollisionEnabled(OdeJoint.java:482)

at com.jmex.physics.impl.ode.joints.OdeJoint.updateJointType(OdeJoint.java:266)

at com.jmex.physics.impl.ode.OdePhysicsSpace.update(OdePhysicsSpace.java:565)

at com.jmex.physics.util.SimplePhysicsGame.update(SimplePhysicsGame.java:141)

at com.jme.app.BaseGame.start(BaseGame.java:79)

at com.jmetest.physics.ragdoll.TestSimpleRagDoll$2.run(TestSimpleRagDoll.java:118)

I have all needed libraries in the build path (the same as was included in buildpath in the eclipse .project-file included

in the CVS):

all jme-libs and dependencies +





what could possibly be wrong?



Could you give us the list of .so or .dll files (depending on your os) that you have in your library path.

The LinkError appears because you are missing one of the system libraries.

dJointSetBodiesCollide is a new function it seems I did not build the linux and mac natives after adding it. Thanks for the heads up. It's on the todo list. You can either build the natives yourself if you need them quickly, use the latest release or just avoid using the function in the cvs version.

I use the CVS version for various reasons, and I cant switch to the released versions that quickly. How long will it be before the mac/linux natives can be rebuilt (or can you provide instructions for building)?

linux binaries are up to date now

Are there some simpleish instructions on building the ones for mac? If you posted a basic guide etc on the wiki I could try it and improve as I go.

Several people try to do that with the script linked i.e. here - this script was working with ODE 0.8, but with ODE 0.9 the universal binaries won’t build for an unknown reason. You can build ppc only or intel only binaries, though (by removing one of the -arch options in the script)…

I was wondering if there is a way to take the x86 only and the ppc only libraries and then just merge them in a Universal library or they have to be created in the same computer to be able to do this.