Update in the wake of recent events

Hello fellow community members.

Probably most of you know already, but one of the team members left the community due to an internal disagreement.

From his departure I took over his role, reconfigured our services to use easily redeployable docker containers, tested for different configurations and load and migrated everything to a different cloud provider with a plan that I believe is more suitable to our needs.

As part of my commitment to the community I am also making sure all the configurations are available to the core team and to the community itself, in this regard I published the scripts that allow to deploy an exact clone of our server at GitHub - jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine-webservices: Replicable configurations for our services .

As part of the migration process, we also decided that it was more adequate to have the store accessible from a subdomain of jmonkeyengine.org, rather than from a different first-level domain.
For this reason it was moved to https://store.jmonkeyengine.org
As an added bonus, the original author allowed us to opensource it.
The source code is now available on this repo: GitHub - jMonkeyEngine/SoftwareStore

Regarding the donations, they are still suspended for now, since they were handled personally by the team member that left. This time we are looking into reintroducing them via the Github Sponsor partner OpenCollective, that will provide a more suitable, stable and community oriented alternative in the long run.

If for some reasons your donations are still going out somewhere, please cancel them, since they are not reaching us anymore.

A successive post will report the details regarding the donations and donors once they are finalized.

Thank you for your attention, and sorry for the inconveniences.

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I appreciate the work that went into the migration. Thank you for stepping up to lead us, @RiccardoBlb.

When you get a chance, please update the “Software Store” links in the top bar and sidebar of the hub.jmonkeyengine.org website. Or tell me how to do it myself.

Thanks again.


Thank you. I forgot to update them in the old theme. Now they should be ok.


They are. Thanks for the quick fix.

Perhaps make this a sticky post. It disappears once I’ve read it :slight_smile:

Good work @RiccardoBlb

I take that back. Seems sticky now :smiley:

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