Updated Tutorials (For 3.2)


Is there a more up to date version of the tutorials listed here? https://jmonkeyengine.github.io/wiki/jme3/beginner/hello_simpleapplication.html

I’ve read there are significant changes to the SimpleApplication, and it would seem that is since these tutorials have been written.



Nope. Read where?

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The changes i’m referring to are detailed here : jMonkeyEngine 3.1 alpha 4 released

The tutorials seem to be built for jME 3.0, and use SimpleApplication, which seems to have gone through some changes in 3.1 Alpha 4.

Do these changes affect the jmetests and Tutorials Above? have either been updated to 3.1/3.2?



I don’t have time to read my whole article again in detail just to find the paragraph you think says something about major changes to SimpleApplication.

The recompile was only required because a base class changed its name and an interface replaced it.

The tutorial has nothing wrong with it that I can see.

I could add this to it.

I added this to the bottom of the Future of SimpleApplication topic.

If you follow this recommendation, when the changes are finalized, you will only need to do a few things different from now to make your old apps work and to create new ones.

a. Extend BaseApplication rather than SimpleApplication when creating new apps.

b. Update your existing apps by changing SimpleApplication to BaseApplication in your main class.

c. Change any references you have made to SimpleApplication’s protected fields.

For example, rather than turning off the FlyCam() like so,

You would just leave the statement new FlyCamAppState() out of the constructor instead.

SimpleApplication will be around for some time as it will take time for people to migrate to BaseApplication, but AppStates make life easier anyway so you may as well start using them.

If anyone thinks this should be changed, point out how please.


The thing about the tutorial and wiki is it caters to 3.0-3.2 rather than making a clean break so theres a overlap in topics.

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Maybe we could setup different branches for the versions?
Using subfolders like /3.0 would also work but sucks.

For the future it might be good to be able to simply switch between versions, because if you’re writing like: “Until 3.0 the following passage is valid”, then that’s interrupting the read flow and many people will overread it.


I don’t know how other large wikis do it but I rather think they just make a clean break of it. I cant see any links to older version for blender docs for example.

Well the Manuals for older versions of blendwr are on the net and our javadoc is also versioned, i Think?

Interesting enough the english version is unversioned but I remember that the old wiki was also versioned in english (so they seem to be migrating)

At this rate, it will be a while before those final changes are implemented. No reason to gum up the wiki at this point… and anyway, the SimpleApplication stuff will still work for a looong time after.

Ok, so just so I’m clear (and for anyone asking the same question later)

TL:DR - The tutorials written for jme 3.0 are still relevent and still work in jme 3.2.


Tests are 3.0.

Tutorials try to reflect 3.0-3.2. It’s not something I personally agree with doing, it’s a nightmare. Odds are you will find some stuff that just doesn’t make sense here and there. This will most likely be the cause, 3.0 stuff not being updated.

If you run into this situation, be specific of what it is your reading and Ill try to clarify it in the wiki.


mitm : I will try and do so. So far everything i’ve done has worked in 3.2.

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