Updating MilkShape Model

After of modifing a join of a milkshape model how can I update the model to continue with the collisions with the new position of the model.

I use


but this doen't work, somebody knows how to do this?

Animation and simulation do not mix very well. There's no out of the box solution for this problem, sorry.

There are several threads on this board about updating physical geometry positions directly. Read some of them to get a feeling for the problems.

I try the next code

file.updateGeometricState(tpf, true); 

where staticNode3 is the physic node that contains the model, and file is node of model,  and this make that the new modification of the joint is detected for collisions, but the real model still hiden afecting the collisions.

I have a hand, and I move a joint of a finger, now exist two collisions for the same finger, one with the original position of the finger (hiden), second with the new position of the finger (visible).

The question is: How do I delete the previous state of the model?