"Valve Time" sheds some light on the problem with release dates

Valve Time - Valve Developer Community

So true it hurts.

Yes. I agree. But… We could never hold it against them. The quality of their games is unsurpassed (except one or two titles). Valve has always been upfront with their release dates.

Oh I don’t hold it against them one bit. Release dates are just about impossible to set unless your product is actually complete already, or you’re prepared to go at it with the down-scope machete come release day.

What I read into this funny wiki page, and what I meant to say about it, is that if someone as established as Valve still overshoots their deadlines by years then it’s okay for the rest of us to miss a deadline once in a while as well.

Yup. Completely agree with that.

The “problem” is the consumer. Most forgive Valve because, well, they’re Valve. As for the rest… I guess it all comes down to “prove you’re worth our patience, then we’ll talk. Until then, don’t make promises.” :wink: