Vector4f class and passing of Vector4f as material param


I recently ran into the issue, that I need a vec4 in a fragment shader (defines a clipping of a object in 2d space)

Then I suddently realized, that there is no Vector4f class.

For the moment I abuse a ColorRGBA for that purpose now, but I really dislike that solution.

I think we should have a appropiate class for every shader primitve type in jme.

If others agree i will work on this and post it as a patch.

Yep, agreed.

If we really are going to do this, it means we also will have to add the appropriate methods to Matrix4f and make sure the Vector4f supports the myriad of features that are already available for Vector3f and Vector2f.

Well first step would be to have the calsses and be able to use them for shaders

Second step then is to add all functionalities the other math stuff is capable of.