Vertex colors with textures


Can vertex colors and textures be set on same mesh? Is it possible, if yes can you offer me a basic idea how to do it, I’d be most greatfull.

Use the lighting.j3md material and set the VertexLighting parameter to true.

You can use diffuse map, but normal mapping and specular mapping won’t work since the lighting is computed by vertex and not by fragment.

thank you buddy :slight_smile:

btw out of topic question, seeing that you are core member, what are core members? Are any developers core members, where can I see the team behind jme engine, how do we recognize them?

Hah, I told @erlend_sh people want to know who are devs and who’s from another part of the team. Gotta add a separate tag for the developers apart from “core team” :slight_smile:

All people in the core team have contributed to jME3 and have been in contact with the team for some time via chat before they joined.



right, I looked it up, very nice team, you really do a damn good job with this engine and website and documentation, all of you! :slight_smile:

Where can we donate to you guys, is there any paypal available? :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, we didn’t set up anything like that because we wouldn’t be more productive with more money. All devs have enough to eat and not more time to spend, so… :wink: Maybe in the future we will accept donations for specific things like an Android device for developing (@Momoko_Fan still has no proper OpenGL ES 2 compatible device) or demo assets for the engine…

Best help for us is the small things like good problem reports that help us fix bugs, helping others on the forums and fixing things like spelling in the wiki, constructive feedback etc.



Yes sire! :slight_smile: actually I’m webdeveloper and have good hand in designing websites, if I get time I may look into what web re-design needs you have :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, I can tell you from my own experience that WordPress and BuddyPress are quite the joy to develop for but I am really no visual guy ;)…

I’ve developed lots of websites just with wordpress. Wordpress 3.0 is especially fun to work with :slight_smile: I guess it would not be too hard to create pimped up design for jmonkey, it’s just a question of time hehe :slight_smile:

moonkey said:
It's just a question of time hehe :)

Yeah, like so many things ;) Work, work ^^
moonkey said:
I've developed lots of websites just with wordpress. Wordpress 3.0 is especially fun to work with :) I guess it would not be too hard to create pimped up design for jmonkey, it's just a question of time hehe :)

When can you start? :P

@grigorii.pechorin might also be lending a hand, so to avoid any duplication of efforts we'd better stay in touch. Let me know when you've got some time on your hands and I can run you through the main showstoppers that are keeping us from introducing the new theme. It really just comes down to minor tweaks.

so I’m hired?

ok whats the problem with “Make compatible with BP Rate Posts”. Do you have test server, is it visiblity problem, or perhaps it could be javascript problem that is messing things up, any ideas?

If I can test it and see how correct version should behave and how it behaves with cansas I could perhaps fix it, have in mind I’m not really plugin developer, I am more of visual guy who can implement design into theme etc, but since I have php knowledge and am highlevel programer I can also fix some bugs that are withing my techical capabilities :slight_smile:

The problem appears when a youtube link gets embedded, somehow not all tags get closed… It happens when the rating plugin and either the code snippets or… some other (cant remember right now) plugin is activated.

You’re definitely hired if you’d like to help out (and actually produce results :wink: – sorry, so many promises), erlend will give you the contact infos etc.

hmm maybe it is out of my techical capabilities, especially if it involves multiple plugins and something as adding youtube link which somehow alltogether messes up things. I’d be more up for giving you better design on the website so its more attractive and modern. About that error perhaps I could take a look, but since it sounds like its product of multiple plugins it could be out of my reach to fix to be honest. I’m not afraid of helping you out, just letting you know :slight_smile:

Cool, np about the plugin problem, its definitely problematic, I will have to download the whole site at some point and simply open it in NetBeans PHP editor to check for all strange references, method calls etc… Abilities to properly design a custom theme for the site is definitely the thing we need most.

The off-topicness of this thread is unseemly :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll start a private conversation.