Very strange behavior

Hey all. I'm pretty new at this, but I've done a number of tutorials, and a couple of other little projects and tests successfully. Now, for some reason, I can't even draw a box properly. It always draws with the faces out of order. Other models are also being rendered strangely, with some faces disappearing allowing me to see inside the object. I'm extending BaseGame, and I've followed all the tutorials as close as I can. I can run the tutorials fine :S. There must be something I'm missing somewhere. Can anybody think of anything I could be forgetting that would cause a simple box to render incorrectly? I can set textures on it, and lights too, but it always appears either wrong (the closest face is not rendered, or with the side faces rendered on top of the closest face). Also, every time I try to make a skybox it's being rendered in front of everything else. I'll post code later if nobody has any ideas.



I fixed it, being an idiot I didn't set up a ZBufferState. Sorry to bother you.


Kudos.  And since you found and fixed the problem yourself, you aren't allowed to self deprecate. :wink:

My most humble apologies. smacks himself with a board I shall never self-deprecate again, and I smacks himself again am truely sorry.

j/k  XD, and thank you.  :smiley: