Voxel game project: Rituals of the old

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Looks promising. Just wondering what kind of look are going for? Bloxel, or for a more “smoother” approach. For the “smoother” approach there are a couple of algorithms that are popular such as marching cubes, dual contouring, dual marching cubes.

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Ahhh ok, so that makes sense. Just curious how far have you gotten on the world development?

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Well, hopefully by the end of the month we will have something to show. Right now it’s all just laying down the ground work one piece at a time.

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I would be willing to help with programming tasks, I know that there is also an existing Cubes Framework and also a sample code associated with it as well that can be a good starting point as well.

edit: err, more like is there anything I can help with in the meantime in order to reach the end of month goal?

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All right. I will try to arrange an interview for you with our lead coder so we can get to know you and your specific skill set a bit better.

I noticed that you visited our Discord server this morning. When you’re available contact me through Discord (private message) and we can talk about setting a time for the interview.

Glad you’re interested. I’m looking forward to talking more with you.

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Just as a heads up I’m on US west coast time, so I’m like around 10 hrs behind your time.

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Is that a spooky spooky skrillex?


I have no idea who that person is that you mentioned.

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Finnish people only listen to heavy metal. They couldn’t possibly know about dubstep.


i have a funny feeling that tonihele was joking. the comment was very much in the same vein as saying indians only watch bollywood movies or japanese people only eat sushi. it’s so hyperbolic that it is obviously in jest.

either way, your project looks very interesting and fun. good luck in your journey to 1.0 :slight_smile:

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Thanks @sfisque!

v1.0 is still a few years away. Currently scheduled at 2019, but it’s only a rough estimate … like trying to figure out how long a Microsoft installer is going to take. Lol. But v0.0.1 should be done soon. Fixes with block UV mapping, perhaps a proof of concept UI, some simple menus.

Our 3D modeler just finished v2 of the player model. It now has a stiff back for easier modding and some other random fixes in the details.

Next we’ll probably be doing clothes and skin, again, and then we’ll finally take a stab at the first animations. Should be interesting.

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I have the right to be racist towards Finnish people., since I’m one. That’s the rule :slight_smile: Besides, I represent the stereotype I inflicted :slight_smile:

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Interesting conception of the game. But I think in next 2-3 month it will be completely different.

I think it’s not racism at all. It’s like a joke about positive quality, but not negative! When I develop my roleplay game I like sometimes to listen to folk metal. And Finland has brilliant stuff like Ensiferum :smiley:


Love me some Turisas and Moonsorrow


Are you intending having the model bend like in the concept art? I’ve had some nice results separating each limb having the individual limbs rotate, like old PS games.

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Why do you think that? And what aspects of it you feel might change?

Rituals of the old is actually based on a trilogy of Minecraft servers I developed for ~4 years intensely. Probably three of the most advanced top 10 MC servers in the world no one has ever heard about (Finland only, everything else blocked from the firewall).

Because of this I don’t think the concept is going to change that much. The story, technology, etc has already been like that for years and it has been found to be solid through years of user testing and experience gained from that.

I already know all of it’s weaknesses and strengths.

You know. It just started to feel silly to put over ~10 000 development hours into a platform that was not even mine to begin with and had serious limitations in terms of what I wanted to do and what I could do. I stretched it as far as it could go.

It feels super awesome to be developing on a platform that we control 100% and we can basically make it do anything we want - in the limitations of ram, video ram, CPU power, time, skill, manpower and money of course.


No, actually we are not. At first we were going to. But then I made the decision to scrap all that in order to make it easier to mod.

The torso is going to be stiff to minimize clipping issues with clothing. The are going to be 2 joints in the fingers, wrist join, elbow joint, arms cut off from body. Feet are built currently from 3 parts + knee joint and they are also separate from the body, but go inside of it.

I will try to get you a picture so you can get a better idea - maybe later today or tomorrow after we have finished one set of clothing and skinned the v2 player model again.

It’s basically the v1 model you see below but with a few tweaks and the torso is now a single “object”:

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It is the reason. When you have full control after developing something you start to think “I could make it better/in another way”. And after some of this fixes you find that you have another game :smiley: . And some people overextend when they want to make something best… But I hope everything will be good with your project.

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Yes, the dreaded feature bloat.

We are taking the continuous development approach. All the basics are targeted at v1.0 release (~2019) and after that it will be mostly:

  1. Add a new feature.
  2. Fix bugs.
  3. Release.
  4. Repeat.

And then every now and then releases that are completely focused on bug fixes.

I have already made plans for very a ambitious expansion (will be included and integrated in the base game with no extra cost, ofc) but it ever happening will completely depend on how successful Rituals of the old will be. And it will happen only well after v1.0 even if everything goes really smoothly.

But it’s really important to plan ahead for these things so that we don’t have to spend lots and lots of time rewriting our code somewhere in the future.

I don’t worry about feature bloat much at this point. It’s one baby step at a time.

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