VR (LWJGL) Anti Aliasing


I am currently working with the vr implementation based on LWJGL. It looks as if the samples setting (anti aliasing) (settings.getSamples() ) is ignored in the VR view. Any hints?

Thank you!

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dont know answer, but i would like to hear more about your solution.

Is this API univeral one?

i remember JME VR devs were waiting here for LWJGL to provide some known universal API lib.

I believe he means that he is using the existing jme-vr implementation.

There are several things that do not work in the current jme-vr implementation. I do not recall if anti-aliasing is one of them, but graphics settings will also depend on your hardware.

What version of jme are you using?
Which vr headset are you using?
Which operating system are you using?
Which version of java are you using?
Which VR API are you using when creating the VR context?
Can you provide sample code showing how you setup the VR context?

We will need more information to help as VR is a very complex topic with lots of different moving parts that may or may not be relevant.

Hello, yes, my implementation is motivated by the examples given in the the vr part of jme:
I use:
jme 3.2.3
lwjgl 3.2.3
Java 11 (adopt)
Windows 10

vrEnvironment = new VREnvironment(settings
settings.put(VRConstants.SETTING_USE_COMPOSITOR, false);
settings.setSamples(here I try different numbers for aa);

later then:

vrAppState = new VRAppState(settings, vrEnvironment,

and the the app is started. I followed the lines like the examples with the blue box in jme

In this setting, my oculus rift communicates via steamVR with the application.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Interesting. The settings look correct. I am working on the master branch of jme, can you try on master?
I am using a Vive Pro and do not have an oculus rift to test on, but I do not recall AA being an issue on Vive Pro. I can test when I get home to see if AA does work on the Vive Pro.